Countyline Veterinary Service

It has been estimated that the value of good high quality colostrum is over $400/gallon.   This is related to several factors.
1) Reduction of disease and lowered treatment expense for better calf survival.
2) Increased daily weight gain resulting in increased potential for lowering age
    at first conception.
3) Higher milk production - good passive transfer leads to as
    as much as 2 lbs/day greater production during the first 2 lactations.

Is your herd taking advantage of this potential?  How can I ensure adequate passive transfer of protection to my calves?
1.Colostrum concentration of >50 g/l IgG.
2. 4 quarts of clean colostrum fed within 6 hours after birth.
3. Clean colostrum - <100,000 CFU of bacteria on Standard Plate Count and < 10,000  CFU coliform count.

Ensure these standards to help your calves reach their potential from day 1 and help protect your future herd.  Please ask us if you would like to know more about this program and these standards and how they can be used on your farm.

On Farm Monitoring

We suggest the use of a refractometer to monitor the quality of all colostrum prior to storage. 


Alternatively, we can spot check colostral samples in our lab.

Regular monitoring of colostral transfer of antibodies and cleanliness in the entire process is critical to managing calf health.  Regular blood tests on a sample of your calves will help us identify challenges or bottlenecks that can lead to better performance and risk reduction.  This can be done quickly and economically in our lab.