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Reproduction Services

A well run reproduction program is crucial to the profitability of a dairy and its overall herd health.  Ensuring that cows get pregnant in a timely manner after calving and identifying if they have lost the pregnancy as soon as possible has many advantages and will make your farm more efficient and profitable.  Here are a few examples:

1.  Days open on a farm above 120 days can cost anywhere from $0.50 to $4.50 per cow per year depending on feed cost, labor cost, milk price, etc.  Developing a strategy to reduce the days open on your farm could result in an increased profitability.

2.  If your calving interval is tighter (around 13 to 13.5) then you are able to feed cows that are more comparable in their stage of lactation.  This means supporting high producing cows so they can maintain body condition while not overconditioning the cows that are late in their lactation.

3.  The more cows that you are able to get pregnant and calve in the more replacement heifers and bull calves you will have in your pipeline.

4.  There is a normal rate of embryonic death loss from day 28 of gestation to calving of approximately 24.7%.  Identifying these cows that lose their calf as soon as possible will decrease the amount of days that you are feeding an open animal.

These are only a few reasons to pay close attention to your reproduction program and there are countless more.  We are here to help you in any capacity that you want.

We offer:

-Development and implementation of pregnancy checks and verifications to reduce the risk of feeding an animal believed to be pregnant to dry off check

-Ultrasound evaluation of ovarian structures to properly restart cows on Timed AI protocols

-Ultrasound to assess fetal viability at time of pregnancy diagnosis

-Timed AI protocol development and implementation strategies

-Reproduction data collection and analysis

-Any help in other areas that are of interest to you